100915 (FANMADE) How I react towards Park Yoochun

When im browsing korean dramas, i saw rooftop prince had english subs, i laugh to the max, cried, because of feelings coming from that actor yoochun. When i saw him from the 1stime, i say Oh my God, he’s so cute, or should i say Handsome? Hayts its like im crazy over him, .After that, i search all of his drama, read articles about him, everything! And i dont have idea that he had a nice voice, his mannerism by biting his lover lips.. waahhhh makes my heart bumping and bumping..haha

No one can never be Hook up with this perfect face right? This would be the first time,  I confess my feelings with this guy., Even though I watched some of the Korean actors in their respective dramas, but this one, yes his the only one really capture my ❤ and my mind.

I know, Im not the only one in this world who like and love JYJ,  you know why?, Aside from being Handsome, they have aroma, that people cannot control there feelings, thats why many people love them and want seeing them in personal.  In jyj, i love yoochun so much, in every dream i had his there 😁 and i like it, Really, really like it. Even in dreams its like we know each others well and holding him in personal even its just a dream. Lol

(maybe oneday, definitely i can meet him).

While listening in his songs, watching his dramas, and videos, i had something for him. Hehe i dont know how i can create by just looking at his face. 😜

i think I’m in love…  😊😊😊😊😊 in this guy.

Sexy Yoochun
Sexy Yoochun (FacesOfYoochun)Cute

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