WHY HIM? What would be the reason?

     SO many people in this world.

And you probably don’t know them all.

But why I stick to Korean men?

Why my heart and my mind is set to this idol?


All I can say is, when the 1st time I knew him in comedy drama, accidentally, I am curious…

who is this guy?

Why in my entire life of living I just saw him?Why I just became addicted previously in Korean drama?

Why not longtime ago?

What am I doing in my 10yrs without any knowing of this guy?

Hmm even though before social media and mobile phones are not yet IN and that time all I have is a big handy phone like your holding a bath soap while talking to somebody


Also that time we don’t have messages, only calls.

 It’s waste of time that I don’t know him before.

that’s why i open an account to ALL social media, following him to get some updates, am I crazy? Haha Yes! I am .

He don’t have any idea who iam? what is he to me?

A mystery Fan who opened this site just to write something about him CRAZY? Is it? MAYBE its fate? But why when I knew him he currently going to be enlisted in the army? Is it bad luck for me?

But currently, finally I saw him again together with the teammates😊.img-f7a30fb7680d52ba2609aad8a54e1e1b

Its Park Yoochun 😍

This guy really makes our heart melt.

when he smiles through his eyes.FB_IMG_1445077113095_1

The cheek bone?

Adam’s apple?

So manly💪

The broad shoulders?

Sexy body?Screenshot_2015-10-17-22-38-43_1

Oh my God! As in O.M.G is he a goddess? Everything is perfect for me😍PhotoGrid_1445091624016

And the mannerism? Aigoooooo

Biting his lower lips.

Can make girls hysterical…hahaha

Let me ask you? Aside from having a sweet voice, his looks so clean and adorable.right?


That’s why I like this man.

Seriously,  Sincerely

Am I flying because of stupidness?

Because whatever it is,

There are no possible reasons

That he will like a woman

Not his type, not his style,

But his my man-type.


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