151023 article ( Evaluating him)

I feel nervous,

if I’m going to continue this, Regarding evaluating idols. As an experienced dancer, I will try. Don’t get me wrong, it’s my own understanding and nobody is attached to my own evaluation. 

Among all the k-pop idols who can sing and dance, truthfully I’ve never focused on them, even though I saw comments about them. I’m only curious about Park Yuchun, and as one of the member of JYJ. Thats surprising! Because I thought he is working as an actor(only) when I 1st watched his drama. (Rooftop prince). 

Aside from being a actor.

He is a Singer!

He had a (cold voice) you know, if someone is singing you got a goose bumps. Even my mom say he had a different quality of vocal. He can do (falsetto) low & medium voice quality. I knew it many times, I heard he sang and indeed he had a sweet, cold voice. 

He is a dancer!

His movements is not really big, yet he moves so clean. You can see where and how his hands, feet, legs, head, and even fingers, you can see his moves. Actually, I can see the steps he dances. He love what he’s  doing,  I think his just a shy type. 😊

I saw also the choreography, and I like it all. The choreographer is really awesome for having a simple, but nice steps. I Really loved all the steps. Salute for the choreographer. 

He is a writer! Daebak! 

And etc. (Which is I don’t know)😁

As a dancer, we have some things to remember in our mind and heart. 

(First). Prepared yourself.

(Second). Practice your choreography. 

(Third). Memorizing your steps.

(Forth). Give your best when you dances.

(Fifth). Love what you doing. 


 DANCERS had different body movements when it come to dancing. It has big,  clean,  small, hard, soft, smooth movements. But as long as you love what you doing,  count my respect! 

Not all people can sing and dance, we don’t need to criticize people by judging them, because NOT ALL are talented. 

To Park Yoochun, now I’m not just your fan, but you are my inspiration .

Always keep the faith. 



Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve said it’s onLy my own understanding about him. Thank you 😉

God bless!





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