A friend

It starts with “hi”
Followed with a “smile”😊
We do talked almost everyday
We laugh together
We do favors to each other
A days full of happiness

But what happened now?
Are you okay?
Is there anything I can do?
Are you hurt?
Why? You can tell it to me
I will listen to every words
you’ve share
I am your friend, remember?

Why I feel pain something inside?
Did I just cried?
Why? Is there anything wrong with me too?
Yay! Whats wrong?
I feel so down😔
Am I crying again?
Suddenly, my tears falls😢

Now, i dont have courange
How am i suppose to say this?
Do i have to step back?
The more i knew your hurt
The more i feel understandable
I dont want to leave you
I know you’ve hurt
Sadly, its not because of me😔

To watch you from afar
Is the only thing i can do for you..
In just one call, you can reach me
In just one message, you can get my reply’s
In just one second, i will give you my smile☺

I have to do this
Don’t ever think, I’ve forgotten you
I am always here for you
No matter how far are we
No matter we’re thousands miles apart

Me, as your friend,(ouch)
As your sister,(ouch)
As your secret lover
I will kept my feelings for you
Just for you my chingu(friend)
Just for you…


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