We all know that I/We, as a fans longing for a longtime to see them together again.

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Dated October 16, 2015

While jyj Jaejoongi enjoying his break.

JYJ junsu doesn’t

Laugh like that

For a long time.

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100915 (FANMADE) How I react towards Park Yoochun

When im browsing korean dramas, i saw rooftop prince had english subs, i laugh to the max, cried, because of feelings coming from that actor yoochun. When i saw him from the 1stime, i say Oh my God, he’s so cute, or should i say Handsome? Hayts its like im crazy over him, .After that, i search all of his drama, read articles about him, everything! And i dont have idea that he had a nice voice, his mannerism by biting his lover lips.. waahhhh makes my heart bumping and bumping..haha

No one can never be Hook up with this perfect face right? This would be the first time,  I confess my feelings with this guy., Even though I watched some of the Korean actors in their respective dramas, but this one, yes his the only one really capture my ❤ and my mind.

I know, Im not the only one in this world who like and love JYJ,  you know why?, Aside from being Handsome, they have aroma, that people cannot control there feelings, thats why many people love them and want seeing them in personal.  In jyj, i love yoochun so much, in every dream i had his there 😁 and i like it, Really, really like it. Even in dreams its like we know each others well and holding him in personal even its just a dream. Lol

(maybe oneday, definitely i can meet him).

While listening in his songs, watching his dramas, and videos, i had something for him. Hehe i dont know how i can create by just looking at his face. 😜

i think I’m in love…  😊😊😊😊😊 in this guy.

Sexy Yoochun
Sexy Yoochun (FacesOfYoochun)Cute

(FAN MADE) PARK BROTHERS on their own scenes.

Park Yoochun in
Park Yoochun in “girl can see your smell”
Park yoohwan in ” she is pretty”

Park brothers on their own scenes in their drama, Seeing this 2scenes, we keep reminding Yoochun who’s in the service for military as for now D-688. We keep waiting for next episode of She is pretty to watched Yoohwan as well as watching your dramas. LOOKING forward for “lucid dream” which will be released soon..

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Some thoughts of mine to chunnie

  1. To be honest, I started watching chunnie around 4mons ago only. Before I am not familiar with some Korean dramas aside from what I’ve watched in television,.but this drama (rooftop prince) I’ve 1st watched which is chunnie is the main actor,I’m curious,this drama is so funny,really entertaining for someone who’s 1stime watched him. (I almost cried from laughing) Every now and then, I already watch his drama everyday, i spend my day watching his drama. (Funny?) For me not, I enjoy all his drama. I’m not surprised he got best actor awards in his dramas, he’s a a good actor. Then, I searched his name in Google and found out that he is a Singer, this time I’m surprised because I really don’t know his background or what so ever. From then,. I listened, I’ve watched, I downloaded  JYJ songs,. 😁 Now, can I call myself a Fan of him/them? Even Im not like the other fans who known/watched them for longer years.

In my own opinion chunnie had a nice voice,and make me smile when he sings like grrr..aarrgghh 😊why? Because that way his voice comeout like from diapharm,which good to hear, Usually if I heard him sing, I can feel it if it’s sad song, tears coming from my eyes (serious) like hard to breath. Why ha? I can’t explain also.

this is my 1stime i open my feelings? My opinions? My thoughts? Compliments? Haha what should i call it. Anyways looking forward to meet him someday with them 😃😃😃 Godbless and always keep the faith jyj👋☝

Uhmmm…I can sing Korean songs now,..specifically jyj songs, gomabsuebnida chunnie, even though you don’t know me, I’m inspired to learn your language, wish it would be successful  for me.   Take care!

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