A friend

It starts with “hi”
Followed with a “smile”😊
We do talked almost everyday
We laugh together
We do favors to each other
A days full of happiness

But what happened now?
Are you okay?
Is there anything I can do?
Are you hurt?
Why? You can tell it to me
I will listen to every words
you’ve share
I am your friend, remember?

Why I feel pain something inside?
Did I just cried?
Why? Is there anything wrong with me too?
Yay! Whats wrong?
I feel so down😔
Am I crying again?
Suddenly, my tears falls😢

Now, i dont have courange
How am i suppose to say this?
Do i have to step back?
The more i knew your hurt
The more i feel understandable
I dont want to leave you
I know you’ve hurt
Sadly, its not because of me😔

To watch you from afar
Is the only thing i can do for you..
In just one call, you can reach me
In just one message, you can get my reply’s
In just one second, i will give you my smile☺

I have to do this
Don’t ever think, I’ve forgotten you
I am always here for you
No matter how far are we
No matter we’re thousands miles apart

Me, as your friend,(ouch)
As your sister,(ouch)
As your secret lover
I will kept my feelings for you
Just for you my chingu(friend)
Just for you…


(102515) MY POEMS.

“FOR NOW”                      

We are million miles afar              

Keep thinking of you everyday      

Are you okay?        

Have you been well?

I’am always waiting for you

ONEDAY, the right time will come.

This days onwards,                              

I feel so empty

Listening to your songs

All I can do is to wipe out my tears

Wishing you here with me.

Where are you now?

Are you waiting  for me too?

This is the time, I’ve prayed

This is the time, I’ve waited                      

    Longtime, everyday                            

To hold you in your arms,                      

    till the time stops.

From now, I won’t let you go              

From now, I won’t unhold you            

From now, don’t go afar from me      

Just for today,                                  

I have a lot of things to say

When you go and leave me                  

I realized,                                        

How important when you with me

How I longing with you everyday      

Everyday, I’m waiting for you          

Because I miss you

For now I have couraged                             

to stay on your side                        

For now, I complety gathered                  

      all my strength                                

For now I will hold you forever        

Because I love you.                           

You heard me right…

Yes, Because I love you…

I love you.