Article 1: CONFESSION💗💭


In this cold lonely night, someone bothers me alot. Why i suddenly feels there’s something inside that keeps knocking saying it hurt’s,.

You know the feeling that you like someone but it’s impossible and only in dreams will make it true. It hurt’s ryt? Even though you don’t have the right to feel that way,. why it’s hurt’s?

Why I am feeling this way? Why? Do I have a inner feelings more than I like him? Why everything is perfect for me when it comes to him? I can’t helped myself.

I want to meet him personally but how?  I am just a ordinary woman from thousand miles away. Would he dare to meet me? Would he like to have a new friend? Would he try to drink soju with me? I want to do good memories with him.

Having a emotional feelings with someone who doesn’t even know you, And giving this feelings to this person will makes you looked like an idiot, fool,. it’s a stupidity..  pathetically your a patient because of stubbornness, head harder,  obsession,  lust, or whatsoever because you cannot control yourself.

Is it  a sin to love someone? Yes? No?Did I killed somebody? That you can judge me on easy way. Is there any violations I’ve done? Is there a saying “you cannot love someone who doesn’t love you”? My only mistake I love him.       THAT is the only thing I can give to him sincerely.

LOVE is the best gift you can give to someone who deserves to be loved. Enemy? Show your love to them, can give you peace of mind.


Love can give you a hardest time, to feel pain, sorrow, agony,. The more you offer to give love, the more you feel the pain. You have to accept everything about him. Pass is pass, jealousy must leave from behind. Don’t step forward with jealousy, bitterness.

 It will never give you a positive thoughts in life and it will end to arguments,. Where is love if like that? No one in this world don’t have the right to love and to be loved.

❤ .Feel free to LOVE.❤




[151018] HOW IT HELPS?

As a netizen,

How this guy helps alot?

This idol can help us

In our every days life.

Why? Are you confused?

In my own experience,

This guy help me improve my life for


Before,  as many people notice

How I changed.

At first,

Iam so skinny, dull, no hope.

Actually,  he help me to become happy

I gained weight,  seriously

Every morning, when I opened my phone

1sthing I saw was his face, smiling to everyone.

Now, I have hope and not loosing that keeping the faith will help you looked for brighter tomorrow 😊

He looked like his snobish, never smile for everyone.


He trully had a warmed heart

He is loyal person.

What he promised, probably

HE will make sure not to broke it.

And sometimes shy😄(he look sexy when

He smiled)


Don’t try to live normal.

Try to love yuchun.



I will make sure

That on this day

You will always