(102515) MY POEMS.

“FOR NOW”                      

We are million miles afar              

Keep thinking of you everyday      

Are you okay?        

Have you been well?

I’am always waiting for you

ONEDAY, the right time will come.

This days onwards,                              

I feel so empty

Listening to your songs

All I can do is to wipe out my tears

Wishing you here with me.

Where are you now?

Are you waiting  for me too?

This is the time, I’ve prayed

This is the time, I’ve waited                      

    Longtime, everyday                            

To hold you in your arms,                      

    till the time stops.

From now, I won’t let you go              

From now, I won’t unhold you            

From now, don’t go afar from me      

Just for today,                                  

I have a lot of things to say

When you go and leave me                  

I realized,                                        

How important when you with me

How I longing with you everyday      

Everyday, I’m waiting for you          

Because I miss you

For now I have couraged                             

to stay on your side                        

For now, I complety gathered                  

      all my strength                                

For now I will hold you forever        

Because I love you.                           

You heard me right…

Yes, Because I love you…

I love you.




WHY HIM? What would be the reason?

     SO many people in this world.

And you probably don’t know them all.

But why I stick to Korean men?

Why my heart and my mind is set to this idol?


All I can say is, when the 1st time I knew him in comedy drama, accidentally, I am curious…

who is this guy?

Why in my entire life of living I just saw him?Why I just became addicted previously in Korean drama?

Why not longtime ago?

What am I doing in my 10yrs without any knowing of this guy?

Hmm even though before social media and mobile phones are not yet IN and that time all I have is a big handy phone like your holding a bath soap while talking to somebody


Also that time we don’t have messages, only calls.

 It’s waste of time that I don’t know him before.

that’s why i open an account to ALL social media, following him to get some updates, am I crazy? Haha Yes! I am .

He don’t have any idea who iam? what is he to me?

A mystery Fan who opened this site just to write something about him CRAZY? Is it? MAYBE its fate? But why when I knew him he currently going to be enlisted in the army? Is it bad luck for me?

But currently, finally I saw him again together with the teammates😊.img-f7a30fb7680d52ba2609aad8a54e1e1b

Its Park Yoochun 😍

This guy really makes our heart melt.

when he smiles through his eyes.FB_IMG_1445077113095_1

The cheek bone?

Adam’s apple?

So manly💪

The broad shoulders?

Sexy body?Screenshot_2015-10-17-22-38-43_1

Oh my God! As in O.M.G is he a goddess? Everything is perfect for me😍PhotoGrid_1445091624016

And the mannerism? Aigoooooo

Biting his lower lips.

Can make girls hysterical…hahaha

Let me ask you? Aside from having a sweet voice, his looks so clean and adorable.right?


That’s why I like this man.

Seriously,  Sincerely

Am I flying because of stupidness?

Because whatever it is,

There are no possible reasons

That he will like a woman

Not his type, not his style,

But his my man-type.


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We all know that I/We, as a fans longing for a longtime to see them together again.

C-jes. Entertainment  updated in instagram

Today at this time

Dated October 16, 2015

While jyj Jaejoongi enjoying his break.

JYJ junsu doesn’t

Laugh like that

For a long time.

We will looking forward for many updates




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Its been a while when he entered in military service. Now it’s D-681 #waitingfor6002 #ParkYuchun6002💙 this video clip was held last 2013 “THE RETURN OF JYJ”TOKYO DOME-[Blue]



song title: ❤Walking with her in the Spring ❤

Yes, Baby don’t you ever leave

Saranghandeneun geu mareul hanbeon deo akkindamyeon

Geute nagyeote salkkayo

Baby don’t you ever leave

Saranghandeneun geu mareul handeon deo


Geute nagyeote meomulkkayo~?